About Us

About Us

Nannies Inc specializes in placing high quality nannies and caregivers with families all across Canada. Nannies Inc’s main priority is to help families with the common problems they encounter when trying to find the right nanny or caregiver to take care of our clients loved ones. We are dedicated to meeting all of our clients requirements, and have been known to have top notch customer service. When working with us we hope you’ll come to love Nannies Inc’s commitment and expertise, and come away from the process with a fantastic customer experience.

You can trust Nannies Inc, as we have been working with families across Canada to find the best live in help since 2001. For over a decade, we have been a reliable source for full time nannies or caregivers, ensuring that every nanny we introduce to families are fully qualified and meet the necessary requirements of our clients household. Nannies Inc takes great care in vetting our potential nannies and caregivers, running background checks and pre-screening applicants long before they are interviewed by the family. Get piece of mind working with Nannies Inc, and save countless hours searching for the right fit and handling the immigration process. We’ve helped many families get the nanny services or caregiver services that they require, and have placed hundreds of nannies and caregivers in homes all across Canada.



Immigration Consultants

Our specialty at Nannies Inc. is helping families get affordable full time, live in nannies or caregivers. We have a robust process of helping customers with the immigration process to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We even offer continued and ongoing support after they arrive in Canada. Our in house immigration consultant is registered with the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, so you know you’re case is in good hands.

Fully licensed and insured in compliance with the Canadian immigration legislation, we officially represent our clients on all stages of the immigration process.


Getting a nanny or caregiver can be a complicated process. Nannies Inc provides friendly service throughout to ensure you get the best possible nanny or caregiver.


When trusting an nanny or caregiver with your loved ones, you need to make sure they have all the proper qualifications. Nannies Inc only shows you the most trustworthy, qualified, and professional candidates.


When choosing a nanny or caregiver, lots of thought needs to be placed on the work history and experience of the candidate. Nannies Inc interviews and pre-screens each candidate before being introduced to the family to ensure everything goes smoothly.