Canadian Citizenship

Applying for Canadian Citizenship

Canadian Citizenship cannot be bought, it must be obtained through following the proper legal procedures.

Canadian citizenship can be awarded to permanent residents who have lived in Canada after a certain amount of time. This length is usually 3 – 4 years, but can vary depending on the applicants unique situation. A Canadian citizenship is very valuable, and it is important to grant you the full legal rights that others in Canada have.

Getting a Canadian citizenship is not easy, the applications may take a very long time to process. Lots of time is needed to perform many of the essential tasks that are needed to create documentation required, and to ensure applicants are in good legal standing with Canada and other countries they have lived in. If your application is not properly completed then it will most definitely be returned, and it is common for applicants to require several valid and supporting documents to successfully apply.

Submitting a well put together application with all the necessary documents is the most important factor, if not then the process can take much longer.

We prepare the Canadian Citizenship application for you

In order to ensure you are in compliance with all the necessary requirements, and avoid wasted months, trust immigration experts with your case. Get a “residence questionnaire” can complicate the process, let us help you try and avoid this. Nannies Inc understands the simplest ways to attain legitimate Canadian citizenship.



No inquiries to falsify status

Do not contact us asking us to falsify documents, or help you do the same, we follow all the proper and legal channels to get your citizenship. These types of inquiries will not be answered.

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Eligibility for Canadian Citizenship

  1. Permanent residence
  2. 3 years in Canada
  3. No criminal record


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