Nanny Hiring Process / Caregiver Hiring Process

Nanny Hiring process / Caregiver Hiring Process

The Caregiver / Nanny Hiring process is easy with Nannies Inc

Dealing with the complicated caregiver / nanny hiring process can be time consuming, especially when having to look after your loved ones at the same time. When working with Nannies Inc the nanny hiring process and caregiver hiring process becomes easy. We have a robust and well documented process that allows our clients to make the right choices during the caregiver / nanny hiring process. When beginning the caregiver / nanny hiring process there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you have the best hiring experience.



If you’re thinking of hiring a live-in nanny/caregiver, plan ahead.

  • We will insure that all candidates presented to you meet Federal and Local Government requirements during the caregiver / nanny hiring process.
  • Only the best candidates suitable for your specific needs and requirements will be presented to you.
  • Clients will need to register for a CRA Business number as another step in the hiring process.
  • We will compile and post advertisements in compliance with Employment and Social Development Canada advertising requirements.
  • Our in house immigration consultant will compile and complete the necessary LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) application and submit to ESDC on your behalf.
  • ESDC will process the application; the positive approval will be mailed for your attention
  • A copy of the approved LMIA together with the employment contract is then sent to the specific overseas Visa Office, where by our Immigration consultant will apply for a work permit and temporary visa for the said candidate.
  • On approval the candidate will submit their passport to the Visa office. The Visa office will then grants the candidate a visa and temporary work permit.
  • The candidate may then travel to Canada, and the nanny hiring process / caregiver hiring process is almost over.