Some great advantages to an executive nanny over daycare

People looking for some extra help from the best nanny agency that suits their needs should be aware of the advantages to hiring one of the highly skilled professionals these services offer. An executive nanny takes her job seriously so clients can rest assured they are getting reliable, trustworthy help that will aid them in a variety of ways including:

  • Providing their children with one on one care. Daycare programs don’t have the resources to pay special attention to their charges. Hiring a Canadian nanny means that your children will always have one person looking after them when you’re away. Besides, using these services means your children get to stay in familiar surroundings.
  • Flexibility. Daycare centres tend to be rigid when it comes to drop off and pickup times. There’s more wiggle room when you’re working with an agency that supplies nannies. They tend to be more at the disposal of their client’s schedules and more willing to compromise and make last minute adjustments.

Remember that you also have the advantage of being able to vet your executive nanny. The agencies that you work through should supply the credentials of each of the candidates and prescreen them as well.