Immigration to Canada

Immigration to Canada becoming Permanent resident

Immigration to Canada programs are managed by both the federal and provincial governments in Canada. To immigrate to Canada one must meet the requirements that are outlined by these levels of government. The requirements can change depending on the individual case and the program that one is applying for. The one thing in common with all the immigration to Canada programs is that they each only take the best possible candidates to become the permanent residents of Canada.

There are a few factors which are more important than others when going through the immigration to Canada process. The main ones to keep in mind are proficiency in English and/or French, education level, age of applicant, employment potential in Canada and occupation. For families, the requirements are slightly different, only one of the spouses must meet most of these requirements for immigration to Canada.

How immigration to Canada gets done

Here at Nannies Inc. we have an in house immigration specialist that deals with all immigration to Canada related services. We try to ensure a smooth and successful immigration process. The earlier you contact us the quicker we can get started working on your case. Our services include:

  • Checking candidates profiles
  • Choosing which immigration program or process is best for our candidate
  • teaching our candidates about the immigration process and helping them properly prepare for it
  • Helping to prepare the immigration file for the candidate
  • Facilitating the submission of the immigration application, ensuring to following all the current procedure
  • Updating the case as required, and following up as necessary
  • Guidance and assistance throughout the entire immigration process
  • Full support to all newcomers to Canada



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More about our nanny hiring process

Along with the outstanding immigration to Toronto services that you’ve read about so far, we pride ourselves on a complete and thorough vetting process here at Nannies Inc. It’s the best way for you to get the most qualified live in/live out nanny that meets both your requirements and budget. Besides, these trusted helpers quite often become like members of the family.

For example, we take the time to carefully screen each and every resume we get well before the Toronto immigration process is underway. That includes a thorough and complete background check as well as a detailed scan of previous employers so we get a feel for the applicant’s aptitudes and qualifications.

The reference check that each and every applicant undergoes here at Nannies Inc. is another important part of the process. Of course all the successful applicants have a good chance at going through the Toronto immigration processes that we help to facilitate. In fact, our processes are so thorough we even use them for applicants in other parts of Ontario as well as right across Canada.

We have a complete and thorough immigration Ontario service that starts out with a consultation. Getting in touch with us today is the first step.

Contact us to learn more about immigration to Canada.