Nannies for Hire in Scarborough

If you need nannies for hire in Scarborough we have an excellent array of choices. Our specialty is placing high quality nannies and caregivers across Ontario and Canada. We have been placing high quality candidates with families since 2001.

Our Scarborough clients are always raving about the thorough and complete vetting process we use. One of the other advantages to our services is the fact they are compassionate. It’s very important to ensure the nannies for hire in Scarborough choices you have are all professional and caring.

Industry leading standards

The people you hire through us have certain industry leading standards. These include creating an atmosphere that is in line with the parent’s wishes when they are not home. Our nannies all feel that communication with the parents is an important aspect.

Our nannies are always interested in keeping things fresh for our Scarborough clientele. That means they strive to make sure all the activities they plan for your children are innovative. By keeping it interesting for your kids, they maintain an educational and interesting environment.

Beyond the scope

The nannies that we hire quite often go beyond the scope of their regular duties. When they see dishes left in the sink, they will take the initiative to tidy up. Being helpful to the parents as well as the children is one of the core duties they perform.

All the candidates we send to you are properly trained and enthusiastic. They will understand all the activities that will go into a full day for your child.

Specialize in immigration services

We are also proud of the fact that we specialize in immigration services to Canada. There are many different ways for our nanny candidates to get into the country. If you’re looking to become one of the nannies for hire in Scarborough we work with, we can help you to pick the right route.

Temporary guest visas

There are several different types of cases that we work with including temporary guest visas as well as study and work permits. If you use our Toronto immigration services, you will get the candidate that best suits your lifestyle and budget.

We can help with immigration services to Canada for nanny candidates. Once they are here, we even have a series of interview questions to help that them further. Our nanny agency has an excellent portfolio of Canadian families that we have helped. Why not get in touch with us today if you’re looking for nannies for hire in Scarborough?