The Nanny Agency Brampton With An Excellent Screening Process

Here at Nannies Inc, we pride ourselves on looking after the needs of our busy clients by supplying them with excellent choices when it comes to finding the best nanny agency possible. Of course a big part of that process has do with our screening process that we feel is one of the best in the business. Here’s a brief rundown of the things we look at before any Canadian nanny is allowed in you home.

One on one interviews.
We feel these are an essential part of making sure you get the best possible fit. Your nanny search in Brampton should always include a sit down with the applicants so you can see, among other things, if there’s a compatibility with your children.

Employment history.
You need to be sure the nanny you’re considered has some previous experience and we look after that for you as well.

Nanny Services Brampton That Take Pride in What They Do.

One hundred percent customer satisfaction is our only goal here at Nannies Inc and to that end we have put together what we think is one of the best hiring processes in the industry. Here’s just a few of the highlights that make us special.

We have an in house immigration consultant who will apply to the Visa office abroad to get the process started. As well, we work to make sure that all of the Federal requirements are met.