The Nanny Agency Richmond Hill That Stands Alone

We’re proud of many different things about our nanny agency Richmond Hill services but perhaps one of the most shining examples that we can point to has to do with our screening process. We understand the need for thorough background checks so everyone involved in the process feels safe and secure as they move forward into the new relationship with their Canadian nanny feeling good.

Beyond the essentials like a criminal background check we go even deeper here at Nannies Inc. by supplying aptitude screening as well as a test for English proficiency. It’s important for our valued clients to keep in mind that any choices they make with us have been vetted by the proper Canadian authorities and are legally eligible to work in the country as a Canadian nanny or caregiver.

Nanny Services Richmond Hill With Excellent Caregiver Resumes

It is important to us to cover all the bases when it comes to many services Richmond Hill and that includes having a caregiver department where we allow our clients to look through excellent caregiver resumes. One quick look at our testimonials page will tell you how satisfied our clients are and how easy it was for them to match these resumes against the available positions that were open.