Interview tips to help your nanny search Toronto

Getting all the necessary documentation and feeling comfortable with the background check that comes with your Canadian nanny applicant is one thing, but a face-to-face interview is the personal time that you’ll need to get a better feel for the person who is hoping to get the job.

Here’s a few benchmarks you should be looking for during the process.

  • Is the Canadian nanny on time? Being punctual for an interview gives you a good idea of whether the person is trustworthy and responsible enough to handle the responsibility of looking after your children.
  • Does she take the interview seriously? She needs to be neatly dressed and well groomed. Remember if the person leaves a poor initial first impression that’s generally not going to improve with time.
  • Can you communicate? Is the candidate easy to talk with? Does she hold your eye when she talks or look away? The way someone carries themselves in an interview speaks about their character.

Although a thorough nanny search Toronto has several different aspects that should be carefully evaluated before any final decision is made, the interview is an important part of the process.