Screening Process For Nannies

Our nannies/caregivers are Trustworthy, reliable and qualified, all our applicants are personally interviewed and pre screened. “Serving Canadian families since 2001.”

When searching for a nanny/caregiver, it is critical for the safety of all involved to run a thorough background check.

All of our overseas nannies/caregivers are fully screened, one on one interviews, nanny skills tests, personality and family information, security and criminal background checks, English Language ability, positive attitude and a passion for care giving. We ensure that our overseas nannies are competent in their nanny skills and their communication abilities.

You will be shown only the very best candidates, reliable resumes, references, employment records and educational history.

We specialize in finding suitable employment for our live in care givers, by providing both parties with the best available background information needed to make the right choice.

In addition all candidates meet and or exceed Canadian regulatory requirements.

We represent nannies/caregivers from Hong Kong, Philippines and Taiwan.