Study Permits

Foreign students can be accepted to Canada with Study Permits

Canada accepts students from various countries to come study in Canada using study permits. The most typical situations include coming to study high school, language courses, college or university. Academic fields of all sorts are available, with simple training such as language courses, or more advanced programs. Canadian education offers great value for its price and is usually much cheaper than other countries such as the United States. There are however steps that must be taken to ensure that you are legally allowed to study in Canada with a study permit.

Factors to keep in mind when applying for study permit
Similar to other visa processes, there are many factors which are used to determine a candidates eligibility when applying for a study permit. The main ones to consider are:

  • Candidate’s motivation for studies
  • Choice of the academic program (which must fit well in the candidate’s background)
  • Availability of the chosen program in the candidate’s country of residence
  • Ability to pay for tuition and living expenses in Canada
  • Provenance of funds
  • Candidate’s ties to the home country and motivation to return.


Immigration and study permits

One you have been awarded a study permit in Canada, there are opportunities available to the candidate to apply to immigrate to Canada once they have graduated. There are both federal and provincial regulations that must be followed for the immigration process to move forward. Keep in mind that most immigration programs are very strict in their requirements, but after receiving an education and study permit in Canada it is considered a possible immigration path for candidates.



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The process to get study permit

  1. Find academic program
  2. Register for the program
  3. Get letter of acceptance
  4. Apply for study permit
  5. Receive temporary visa
  6. Come to Canada
  7. Receive study permit