Hiring Ajax nanny services? Parents need to know these facts

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Often, when you hear the word “nanny,” you think of old-fashioned Mary Poppins imagery. However, the nanny industry is still highly lucrative, both domestically and overseas. Lots of families in your own neighbourhood rely on international nannies and caregivers to mind their homes and children while they are away on business trips. It is increasingly common to hire Ajax nanny services. Ajax families have been reaping the benefits in the Internet age, thanks to careful screening of qualified international nannies.

On the flip side, nannies benefit from the opportunity to become closely aligned with your family life in a few ways, and some take advantage of this. It is advisable to learn as much as you can about the nanny agency and their clientele before you start the interview process.

Not all caregivers are created equal, and if you are going to trust someone with your children and home while you are away, much less invite someone to live under your roof for free room and board, it is valuable to know what you’re getting into. Before you start hiring Ajax nanny services and interviewing potential nannies, be aware of a few red flags.

Be discerning

Do you think your nanny seems responsible, mature, and compassionate? Some young women straight out of university might view nannying as an easy way into Canadian citizenship or a fun way to spend a gap year before grad school. If they are international, they might sign up to become nannies, caregivers, or au pairs out of the genuine desire to work with children—but others might simply be looking for an easy way into Canada.

Ask the right questions

Don’t be afraid to ask your nanny about their past education, work experience, future plans, salary expectation, and anything else you think might be valuable information. Review your candidate’s CV and ask them to expand on anything that is unclear. If a candidate is being deliberately evasive about something, there is probably a reason.

Be upfront about your expectations

Not everyone has the same skill sets, and not every child will react well to a nanny with a certain personality. If your child is particularly shy, you might not want to hire a loud and exuberant nanny. Ajax parents without a lot of time for cooking, for instance, might be more inclined to Ajax nanny services and bring a nanny on board with qualifications in the culinary arts.