Hiring a Caregiver Ajax; Parents Need to Know These Three Things

It is becoming more and more common for busy, hardworking families in the GTA to employ live-in caregivers and nannies for their children. There is no shame in bringing an extra set of hands into the fold, especially if they are highly qualified, trained in childcare, and passionate about helping to raise your children. However, there are very few decisions more important to a family than hiring a caregiver Ajax. Ajax parents should be informed about how to hire a nanny, what questions to ask, and how to choose the best fit for their family.

Find a nanny agency online

Gone are the days when you had to find a nanny through word of mouth. Now, the Internet is your oyster. Make a profile on a few nanny agency websites and, if you are given the option, post an ad detailing who you’re looking for, what you can offer in terms of salary and living conditions, and the ages of your children. If you have pets, include this in your profile. If you travel a lot, mention the names of your regular destinations. If you don’t want to post pictures of your children or home, at least specify the general neighbourhood you live in, so potential candidates can be aware of the proximity to local amenities.

Be specific about your needs and wants

Just as your caregiver is unlikely to choose to live with a family they don’t get along with, you will likely have specific standards you hope your nanny will live up to. If any of your children have special needs, for instance, you might desire a soft-spoken, patient caregiver. Ajax moms and dads who travel frequently might require a nanny who is willing to drop everything and travel. If you are able to offer anything above and beyond the call of duty, such as a vehicle or a Metro pass, let your potential nanny know.

Ask questions

Don’t hesitate to inquire about your candidate’s past history as a nanny, educational background, work history, and academic records. If they have nannied before, ask for references. There are plenty of reputable caregivers and au pairs with years of experience who would be happy to share this information with you. Suspect you’re being swindled? Hiring a Caregiver Ajax. Ajax families deserve only the most reliable and considerate nannies in the business.