Immigration Services and LIMA Applications

Helping candidate with Immigration Services to Canada

Immigration services from a trusted agency can help increase the chance of a successful immigration process. While we specialize in helping with immigration services for nannies and caregivers, we also help other academics and professionals. There are many routes that you can take towards immigrating to Canada, and with our immigration services we help you pick the right one.

We Specialize in immigration services to Canada and work with all types of cases:

  • Nannies & caregivers lmia applications
  • Temporary guest visas
  • Study and Work Permits
  • Immigration for professionals
  • Businessman, investors
  • Family members and many others


Immigration to Canada is no easy task. It can take months to years to get done. Working with Nannies Inc, can you help you speed up the immigration process by making sure no simple mistakes are made. Our immigration services has created a step by step process to ensure that all candidates have the proper documents and requirements covered. This helps to make sure that the immigration process is a success.

Fully licensed and insured in compliance with the Canadian immigration legislation, we officially represent our clients on all stages of the immigration process.



Why Use Our Toronto Immigration Services?

It’s important for you to get the Toronto nanny that will fit into both your lifestyle and budget. As well as being affordable and caring, we want to make sure that you find the help that can fit seamlessly into your household or come and go on a daily basis as a trusted helper .

That’s why our immigration services in Toronto are an important part of our overall services. By being able to draw on a wider number of potential candidates that suit your needs, we can help you find the live/in or live/out nanny or caregiver that’s perfect for you.

We have all the necessary documentation to make sure any immigrant candidate is properly vetted and a series of interview questions and other techniques designed to make sure that you get the perfect candidate for you and your family.

Immigration Services in Toronto, Ontario and the rest of Canada

Here at Nannies Inc., we want to be your complete nanny service and that includes handling the immigration process for you. Not only will we bring the most perfectly matched candidate into the country, we also vet them with a series of personal background checks that include previous employers.

For more information about the LMIA process or for assistance sponsoring a foreign worker to Canada please contact us.