Live in Nanny Clarington

 New Important Live in Nanny Clarington Requirements

If your family is looking for a live in nanny Clarington, you might want to consider understanding everything you need to know about finding the best candidate. The temporary foreign worker program is sponsored by the government. Understanding how it works will help you have a full knowledge of how your nanny gets to our shores.

Live in Nanny Clarington Procedure

As you might have imagined, there are some procedures involved in bringing a nanny from overseas to work in your house in Canada. Depending on where your new caregiver is coming from, it can take some time. Both the future employee and employer need to understand all the requirements so the process goes smoothly.

Keep in mind that if the worker is already in North America, the process times can be shorter.

Recent Changes

It’s important to keep abreast of all the recent changes in the program. Most recently, the definition of caregiver has been split into two distinct categories. One is called caregiver for children and the other is designed for people with high medical needs. Canadian companies looking to fill these vacancies have to prove some things too.

Namely, that they have tried to fill the position of live in nanny Clarington with a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant. Usually, employers are required to post the job on a government approved website for up to a month.

Other Necessary Requirements

Once the employer has successfully proved they can’t fill the position, they can start looking overseas for a suitable candidate. One of the other requirements is the employer must be able to pay any successful candidates. They also need to prove that the potential caregiver has a child or elderly person at the other end who needs their care.

If the person who needs the care has medical needs, there will be more documentation needed for the process to move forward. There are even some stipulations for future employers and how they will house a caregiver.

For example, any room that is provided will need to have a window and a door that locks from the inside. As well, the employer cannot charge an additional fee like room and board for the lodging.

Pay For Transportation

There are some other requirements like the fact the employer must pay transportation costs for the future caregiver. Employers looking to bring in live in Nanny Clarington candidates must also have Workmen’s Compensation coverage for them.