Nanny Agency Ottawa

Our nanny agency helps Ottawa families

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, can be a busy place with busy lifestyles for parents. If you are a parent and find yourself needing some extra time, then contact our nanny agency Ottawa. We place nannies with families to give the parents extra freedom, while so providing the children with a safe and engaging home.

Nannies Inc. is one of Canada’s best nanny agency. If you are looking for a nanny services, then our nanny agency Ottawa can help you out. Safety is one of our top priorities, we make sure to pre-screen and interview all our nanny candidates long before they meet our clients. This helps with quality control while ensuring they have all the skills you need to adequately take care of your household.



Some of the common nanny services that are nannies help out with are cooking, meal preparation, laundry, as well as others. With our nanny agency Ottawa, you will get a nanny that can also give your children with a stimulating environment. Instead of watching tv, our nannies can help set up productive activities for children of all ages.

Nannies Inc has a great track record with families, and we would be happy to help you out. Our nanny agency Ottawa makes sure that you are taken care of throughout the process to get you the nanny services you deserve. We specialize in full-time live-in nanny placements, so if you are looking for these nanny services then contact us today!