Visitor Visas

Different Types of Visitor Visas (Tourist, Guest, Business Visitor, etc)

There are different types of visitor visas that can allow candidates permission to stay in Canada, such as the Canadian temporary resident visa (TRV). The TRV is one of the most popular visitor visas that is requested in Canada. A typical TRV will allow a candidate the ability to stay in Canada with the right to study (no working), usually for less than 6 months. An important note about these types of visitor visas is that the candidate does not get any benefits in terms of medical assistance or immigration. Visas like tourist, guest, visitor, or business usually grant the candidate the same types of privileges, can be refered to as a tempory resident visa to Canada. These refer to visitor visas for instances such as visiting a friend, travel, or business related traveling.

Receiving a visitor visa is not easy

Receiving a visitor visa is not guaranteed. As with any type of Canadian visa, there is always a possibility that the application will be refused by the government. It is the candidates duty to convince the visa officer the visa should be issued by satisfying the necessary requirements.

Staying in Canada after visitor visa

Candidates can also apply for an extension of stay. As stated before, most visitor visas only allow applicants to stay in Canada for under 6 months, but this can be extended from within Canada through other application processes.



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Key factors considered when issuing a visa

  1. Trip funding
  2. Reason for a visit
  3. Motivation to return


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